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Innovation Event: Reimagine the Future of Facility Management

Aug 15, 2023
Innovation Event: Reimagine the Future of Facility Management

The Facility Management (FM) industry is witnessing the dawn of a new era of user and occupant experience requirements, coupled with business productivity, service integration and the assimilation of smart, cognitive technology. Various pioneering and revolutionary technologies are transforming the FM Industry. From robotics to the Internet of Things, facility services are becoming more interconnected, instrumental, and artificially intelligent. 

Programmed hosted a significant event at Optus Stadium in Burswood, Western Australia, on 10 November 2022. The event Reimagine the Future of Facility Management, presented by Programmed Facility Management Western Australia (PFM WA) in collaboration with its vendor network, enabled a platform for Programmed’s vendors (including small businesses) to showcase their innovations. This event was also certified as a Carbon Neutral Active event.

The event targeted engagement and collaboration in design excellence, energy management, sustainability, and facility management.

Focus areas of the exhibit included:

  • Safety AI/Digitisation – ‘The Internet of Things’
  • Building Products and Materials
  • Methodology
  • Sustainability
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Energy Management/ Renewable Energy
  • Excellence in Design
  • Facility Management input to Built Environment

The day’s proceedings featured ABC Radio personality Di Diamond as Master of Ceremonies, Welcome to Country by Freda Oglivie, and keynote presentations by Minister Stephen Dawson, Professor Peter Newman, Vanessa Dow and Oliver Grimaldi. An award and a sundowner/networking session followed this. The event was primarily an opportunity to showcase our vendors and critical service providers in innovations. Programmed also had several representatives throughout our business showcasing our internal initiatives and solutions. 

In the end, there were 57 different exhibitors from within Programmed and its vendor network showcasing a range of innovations and exciting solutions. 

A Message from Minister Stephen Dawson, MLC for Innovation and ICT

The State Government is pleased to be associated with this year’s Programmed Facility Management Innovation Forum in collaboration and on behalf of its local vendors and businesses network.  As Western Australia emerges from COVID and re-engages with economies worldwide, our advances in areas such as health, energy and sustainability are not only commodities we can share with our world partners – they are critical to our State’s continued economic and employment growth. 

It is vital – particularly for a vast region like WA – that we continue to develop new ways of communicating and manufacturing, with advances in areas such as robotics and information technology supplementing new export and employment opportunities. 

As Minister for Innovation and ICT, I am committed to supporting local innovations that help drive the State’s economy and generate jobs for future Western Australians.  While our State is already a leader in innovation and advanced technologies, forums like Programmed’s Innovation Forum showcase in a practical and “hands-on” way how creative and forward-thinking many Western Australian businesses are. 

Congratulations to the organisers of the Innovation Forum. I am sure it will be a beneficial – perhaps even eye-opening – experience for all who attend. 

A Message from John Pirie, Head of Programmed Facility Management – Western Australia and Resources 

Like many other sectors in our State, the Facility Management industry is undergoing an extraordinary change, with technological advances set to fundamentally alter how Programmed Facility Management and our vendors deliver services to our clients.

From robotics to the ‘Internet of Things’, facility services are becoming more interconnected and artificially intelligent, and products are becoming more sustainable and environmentally appropriate.

Of course, we often hear the word ‘innovation’ without really imagining what that means in terms of creating jobs, making businesses more efficient, and products more effective.

The PFM Innovation Forum hopes to capture and display some of these current and future innovations practically and engagingly – targeting collaboration in areas such as design excellence, energy management and sustainability.

We look forward to continuing to champion the cause of innovation, working with key stakeholders such as the State Government and its agencies, our vendors, and other divisions within Programmed itself.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the businesses, vendor partners and clients participating in the Innovation Forum. 

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