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Programmed Helps Caitlin’s Starlight Wish Come True

Jun 6, 2019

One of the significant partnerships that Programmed Electrical Technologies (PET) has, is with the Starlight Children’s Foundation. This special relationship recently involved granting a ‘Starlight Wish’ for young Caitlin who had a very unique wish that required PET’s expertise.

A little background on Caitlin…

Caitlin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia just after celebrating her 7th birthday and life was just never the same for Caitlin and her family. Her rounds of treatment left her feeling exhausted, nauseous and scared. This is where Starlight jumped in to, as their mission states, ‘brighten the lives of seriously ill children and young people’. Captain Starlight entered Caitlin’s life, coming to see her every day on the hospital wards. Caitlin, who initially didn’t speak for the five weeks of her cancer treatment, was won over by Captain Starlight’s positive energy, and eventually came out of her shell to finally be able to laugh and smile again in the midst of her unimaginable pain.

Caitlin’s Starlight Wish:

Captain Starlight encouraged Caitlin to reconnect with her love for music and granted Caitlin’s Starlight Wish in the hope of further reigniting this passion.

Caitlin’s wish, ‘to simply hang out with her friends in her very own space away from the hospital’ took form as ‘Caitlin’s Cave’. And PET leapt at the chance to help bring it to life when approached by Starlight.

The project was to transform the family garage into a space where Caitlin could sing, play, do art and craft and have sleepovers with her friends. To configure the space that includes a karaoke system complete with stage and a cool place to hang out, PET helped Starlight design and install the AV components including lights and a high-tech sound system.

Channel 7’s Sunrise team was on hand for the big reveal for Caitlin, who was absolutely over the moon.

Caitlin can now choose her favourite songs to sing along and dance to in her very own space which in her mother’s words, will ‘help give her back some of her lost childhood’.

See the revelation on Sunrise here:

Read Caitlin’s story here:  

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