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Programmed’s Social Inclusion Team celebrates another successful ‘Trade for a Day’

Nov 15, 2022

Programmed celebrated another ‘Trade for a Day’ event as part of its Social Inclusion Program in October. Trade for a Day promotes community engagement with tenants, vendors and Programmed team members providing services of value to tenants in a way that meets their needs by assisting with maintenance.

This time it was conducted at two Aged Persons Unit Complexes in Kambah, ACT, servicing 29 units in total. One of the purposes of choosing aged persons units for such a program is because often elderly tenants do not call our maintenance call centre to service their home even if they need to due to various reasons. Therefore, such event is an incredible way for Programmed and its vendors, to proactively reach out and get in direct contact with the tenants and fix what needs to be fixed. We’ve all experienced that moment of realizing a few extra items could do with some attention once a handy person is around, and our teams are more than happy to jump in and assist where needed.

The maintenance services that were provided on the day include:

  • LED lights replacement to all lightning for better energy efficiency and reduced energy bills for tenants
  • Maintenance of clothes lines
  • Garden and lawn management
  • Footpath concreting works to common areas to reduce trip hazards and servicing of all air conditions as a preventive maintenance.

A big thank you to all our partner vendors providing services to this community, including Woodland Industries Electrical, Programmed Essential Services, Level Plumbing, Natural Gas and Water, Mark Campbell Concreting and Burhor Landscaping.

A morning barbecue was held along with a Toolbox Talk joined by tenants, speaker representatives and Programmed employees. The Rev. Gus kindly allowed the Programmed team to set up in the backyard of the Arawang Anglican Church and some delicious cakes and slices were delivered by the ladies from the church who lovingly baked for everyone that day.

“It was wonderful to have a great space between the two complexes that everyone could get together and enjoy a great community day. This is another great example of the partnership between Housing ACT and Programmed to better serve the elderly community and maintain and protect their homes”, said Gregory Lackey, Social Inclusion Manager.

Representatives from ACT Emergency Service and ACT Aged Care were also invited by Programmed to give a talk on tenant fire safety issues and aged care services available in the ACT.

This is just one of many ways Programmed incorporates social inclusion into our contracts and encourages customers and communities to connect. We aim to create a safe and inclusive environment to help strengthen and build the customers and communities we serve.

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