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Spring Clean Your Corporate Identity: Part One

Sep 6, 2013

Who likes to SPRING CLEAN! . . . . . anyone?  Well, to most it’s a pain in the bum, but it has to be done, especially if you are a business owner. If you neglect your business it is reflected in your corporate identity. Your branding looks old and faded, property is in disrepair, or your marketing strategy is reduced to A4 prints on the front window. If your business is starting to look like a storage warehouse rather than a respectable establishment then it’s time for a spring clean. 

by Jeremy Kose

Spring Clean Your Corporate Identity

When you’re giving your corporate identity a spring clean always remember the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid.  Less can often be more.

Here are some simple steps to get you started:

Corporate Identity Refresh Step 1



– Remove/Discard any unwanted items that are not a part of your business. There will always be that appliance that no longer works or the collection of office furniture that might come in handy. If you haven’t used it in a while it’s time to let it go. Only keep items which are useful or add value to your business.

TIP 1:  If you cannot seem to part with certain items place them in storage. Or if you no longer need them put them up for sale either in your local newspaper or online. This not only provides more room in your establishment, but you feel a big weight has lifted off your shoulders and maybe put more money in your pocket.

TIP 2: Too much signage can be an overkill, confusing and looks untidy. However, having too little or no signage at all won’t get you the attention you need for a successful business. If you have too much signage consolidate signage onto one or two panels. For example, instead of having three individual signs with directional information place all three messages onto one panel.

TIP 3: For better exposure of your brand place signage in highly exposed areas around your business to attract the most attention. For example, windows, facades, billboards,
A-Frames etc. Contact us for more information about the type and placement of signage best suited to your site.

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