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Spring Clean Your Corporate Identity: Part Two

Sep 13, 2013

The second installment in a three part series of ways to spring clean your corporate identity. You can read Spring Clean Your Corporate Identity: Part One here.

by Jeremy Kose

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– Now the hard part is over, it’s time to clean. There’s always that layer of dust or a cracked window. Any repairs should be done as soon as possible, because, if you leave it too late it’ll be costly down the track.

Here are some tips to make sure you can keep your establishment clean and tidy.

Repair any damage to the building, windows, doors, roof, gutters, and pipes as these can get damaged easily. If you see any cracks or weather damage repair it immediately.

Tip: It’s good to speak to your local council first before any external maintenance is carried out. Permits may be required especially if your business is located in high traffic areas.

Basically, old fashioned cleaning is required for the interiors and some areas may need extensive maintenance.

If you notice mould or wet patches it’s a good indication you either have pests or even worse a leaky a pipe or roof.  You will need to fix the source of the problem first before any replacements can be done. For further information contact a licensed tradesman or your local council.

Tip: Having an all white office/shop can look sterile and bland. To add a little contrast, but still keeping it clean and tidy, paint the skirtings and cornices a bright white, then choose a different off white for the walls.

Regular vacuuming and steam cleaning of floors is recommended as businesses are often high traffic places. Ensure you select a commercial grade, hard-wearing floor covering for your interior.

Tip: For large areas use carpet tiles. Not only are they easy to maintain, but if one carpet tile is damaged you just replace it without any cutting.

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