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Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School

Essendon, VIC

"The signage was one of the last aspects to be developed and really brought the building to life. It was through the signage that we were able to realise the vision of the three levels and the links to the natural world."

Elisabeth Rhodes, Principal
Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School

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From its humble beginnings in 1920, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School in Victoria has built a reputation as a caring and inclusive school that values a holistic approach to education and provides a positive learning environment for girls in Kindergarten to Year 12.

Project Description

Programmed has developed a proud association with Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School (Lowther Hall) since 1998. Over this time, Lowther Hall has engaged Programmed to look after painting and building maintenance needs. With its campus comprising of facilities that range from heritage-listed to contemporary, it is essential for Programmed to properly maintain a cohesive and well-presented site. In addition to these works, Lowther Hall recently engaged Programmed to roll out a range of signage for its newest building, Blinkbonnie House.

Project Solution and Outcome

Blinkbonnie House – Signage

As part of their vision for the future, the School has undertaken numerous building projects and recently expanded their Early Learning Centre, the newly named ‘Blinkbonnie House’. Blinkbonnie House caters to girls from Kindergarten to Year 1. Programmed was delighted to be involved in designing, manufacturing and installing a range of signage for this new space.

We developed a bespoke signage solution from inception to implementation for Blinkbonnie House, which included a full suite of signs encompassing level banding, monolith signs and directional signage.

Every aspect of this catered to Lowther Hall’s very specific desire to foster curiosity in their students about the natural world. Across the building’s three levels, Australian flora and fauna are incorporated into decorative and signage elements. Every room features a different illustration, each with a unique colour scheme and room name to tie in with the concept.

Principal Elisabeth Rhodes is incredibly proud of what has been achieved. “The signage was one of the last aspects to be developed and really brought the building to life. It was through the signage that we were able to realise the vision of the three levels and the links to the natural world. The girls love their new space and cannot believe they are so fortunate to be in such a fabulous learning environment.”

The Mansion – Painting

The Mansion is an impressive heritage-listed building constructed in 1890. It is considered to be the heart of Lowther Hall and reflective of the School’s family-centred ideals.

To maintain The Mansion’s timeless and impeccable splendour, Programmed carries out maintenance tasks during each of the four term breaks. Work is carried out with extreme care given the building’s age and significance to the school and local area, as well as the fact that most of the internal and external elements remain in their original form. Each time, Programmed ensures a stringent approach to safety and detailed planning to assure Lowther Hall of a professional and high-quality outcome.

Programmed applies the same expertise and care across the entire Lowther Hall campus. The high standard of presentation and workmanship that Programmed delivers is an outcome with which Lowther Hall has been immensely pleased.

Services we delivered
  • Painting
  • Signage & Branding

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