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Trade for a Day: A Program for Energy Upgrades and Community Engagement

Apr 23, 2024

Last month, on a beautiful autumn morning in Canberra, Programmed set up for another successful Trade for a Day event. Trade for a Day is a program run by Programmed Facility Management at Housing ACT Aged Persons Units.

This program aims to improve the energy efficiency and safety of the homes of older tenants, as well as to foster community connections and social inclusion. The program involves a team of tradespersons who visit a Housing ACT complex and perform various tasks, such as replacing lighting with LED light fittings, servicing air conditioners and heaters, and inspecting smoke alarms.

Trade for a Day also helps to provide information and to raises awareness and education about various topics, such as fire safety, crime prevention, and aged care in the home services and empowers the tenants to access.

Additionally, there was a complimentary BBQ breakfast for tradespersons and a BBQ lunch for both tenants and tradespersons. The invitation was also extended to representatives from the police, fire brigade, and Department of Aging to discuss pertinent topics and respond to inquiries from the tenants.

The program offers multiple benefits for both tenants and the broader community. Importantly, it helps tenants save money on their electricity bills by reducing energy consumption by improving their heating and cooling systems functions. It also enhances safety in the home by ensuring that tenants smoke alarms are tested and confirmed as working properly . From a whole of community perspective, the program provides an invaluable opportunity for tenants, tradespersons, Programmed and Housing ACT staff,  to interact and build rapport by sharing stories, concerns, and providing feedback. This, in turn, helps contributes to reducing social isolation and loneliness among older tenants, and builds trust with the service providers and authorities, resources and support they need.

“Trade for a Day is a successful and innovative program that demonstrates Programmed’s commitment to social responsibility and customer satisfaction. The program has received positive feedback from the tenants, Housing ACT, and the guests and has been praised for its impact on the quality of life and well-being of the elderly residents. The program is an example of how facility management can go beyond the technical aspects and incorporate the social and environmental dimensions of service delivery.”

Gregory Lackey, Social Inclusion Manager

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