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3 Key Steps to Making Your School More Sustainable

May 13, 2015

Creating a sustainable future is one of the greatest challenges we face today, and for the school leaders throughout the country there is an increasing responsibility to make the facilities of these schools more sustainable.

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With over 3.5 million people currently attending Australian schools, the level of resources needed each and every day is enormous. Implementing a sustainability plan within your school helps not only to contribute to a sustainable future, but can also greatly reduce operating costs and improve the reputation of your school.

Here are 3 relatively simple changes that can be made to everyday operations which can have a significant impact on the sustainability of your school:

Recycle – The importance of recycling has been instilled into schools and students for decades. From Clean Up Australia Day through to now an entire National Recycling Week for schools, recycling used paper, cardboard and plastic has become second nature.

However, recycling in schools goes well beyond the paper and plastics. Ridding organic waste through composting or worm farms, recycling of batteries and the massive rise in E-Waste (computers, monitors, photocopiers, phones) will become increasingly more important to a successful recycling program.

Lighting Control Technologies – Just as in the home, the classrooms, halls and canteens of our schools use tremendous amounts of energy in lighting.

Installing a centrally controlled, intelligent lighting system can dramatically reduce your energy usage. Automating levels of light according to such things like occupancy, time of day and light levels can make a big difference in reducing energy waste as well as reducing power bills.

Water Irrigation – As our most valuable resource, the preservation of water is crucial to a successful sustainability plan.

The design and installation of an efficient irrigation system is one of the most effective ways of reducing the amount of water that is used. Designing irrigation systems for the substantial grounds and gardens that many Australian schools have is a complex undertaking. Investing in professional landscapers to design and construct a system can help to ensure a system that suits the unique needs of your school grounds, helping to reduce water usage and water bills.

Contact Programmed for more information on lighting control technologies and water irrigation solutions for your school.

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