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Cadets, where are they now – Chris

Jun 9, 2020

Chris is at our customer, City West Water, where he started his cadetship. He is now an apprentice. We caught up with Chris to get the story.

It’s been a moment since we checked in with our previous cadets, so we thought it timely to connect and hear how they were getting along with all they had learnt.

Chris is at our customer, City West Water, where he started in Sewer Operations. Chris did a six-month rotation with the team, after which he worked in the office, and learnt it wasn’t like the sitcom. We caught up with Chris to get the story.

How are you going with all that you’ve learnt?

Yeah, I’m doing well, thanks. I’ve been keeping busy since the original story. I initially worked out in the field for six months with Sewer Operations, which was good as I got to do some hands-on work. I trained in manholes, using the demo saw and Jackhammer to break out road or concrete surround to either raise or lower the manhole to correct ground level. I also worked on House Connection Branches (HCB) dig outs in customers back yards to fix broken PVC pipe connections. And then there was the maintenance of sites, like cleaning out numerous manholes, at the Chase. Tree roots and baby wipes are the main culprits for blockages.

Where did you head to next?

After being out in the field, I headed into the office for six-months to see behind the scenes. That was very eye-opening, and now things out in the field make more sense to me, as I have a better understanding of why the office is asking certain questions or requiring feedback on certain aspects of the job. It was also good to see how everyone interacts with each other and getting to know everybody.

So, where are you currently placed?

I’m with Water Operations now. So, looking forward to getting out there and assisting customers in the field again. I was able to use the demo-saw as a part of the main water pipe had to be removed. It was fascinating to see how it’s all done and the reason for followed actions. We put the new pipe in, and it’s satisfying seeing your handy work.

At the moment, we are continuing with planned works, so it’s all about contacting the customers and ensuring the jobs happen during the hours mentioned. It’s all about maintaining customer expectations while working safely.

How has COVID-19 affected your workday?

Well, we ensure to keep our distance from each other, the whole 1.5 meters and more. And we are sure to keep the tools sterilised as well. So that’s keeping us busy. And everyone is driving their own vehicles to site.

It’s fascinating. I’m getting to understand all the terminology used in this area, and it’s been a great learning curve.

Christopher Croon

What are the plans for the future?

That is a good question. Initially, when I started, I had the thought of becoming an electrician, but now I’ve been exposed to so much through this cadetship, that I clean forgot I said that at the beginning. I’m very interested in the Water sector, as it covers so much and impacts so much of our daily lives. It’s fascinating. I’m getting to understand all the terminology used in this area, and it’s been a great learning curve. Honestly, anything in the Water sector, Sewer or Water, will be good for the future.

Thank you, Chris, for taking time out from your day to chat with us. It’s been great hearing how you have expanded your horizon during your time with City West Water and Programmed.

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