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Digital Signage – Giving Them a Reason to Look

Jun 21, 2017

Digital signage has given immense power to retailers. Instead of being threatened by fragmented consumer attention due to multiple media platforms and mobile devices, digital signage can utilise these. Its avenues for ‘live’ multi-faceted content messaging means interaction and instant connection with the consumer for an engaged experience of your brand.

Most common uses of digital signage include information kiosks, menu boards, advertising, wayfinding and informational displays.

Harnessing the interactive capabilities of digital signage pushes this envelope to capitalise on ‘micromoments’ – moments when people want to go somewhere, or do, know or buy something – and capturing this as a sale.

Through strategic placement of your digital signage display, you have the power to create an environment allowing you to seize the moment by allowing your customer to experience your brand or product through ‘in the moment’ content messaging. Touch screen modes or QR codes displayed on screen that allow a consumer to temporarily control a particular screen through their own mobile device can create a relationship between the customer and your brand, product or service to drive marketing to a whole new level. 

These allow the customer to play with, discover or understand your product in a way that they want. To read content – that is advertising content you have selectively crafted – and buy the products/services, with information or an experience that they tailor themselves. In short they create the desire; you just give them the tools.

Once upon a time, signage was static and communication single-sided. Because of the time and costs involved in producing such signage such as billboards and posters, it was necessary to display these for extended periods to maximise returns.

Digital signage revolutionises this. Its intuitive involvement of the customer cultivates positive brand affinity, even when used in a simple form such as wayfinding or diverting attention to alleviate frustration in queues.

Depending on your strategy and objective, you can deploy uniformed messages or choose to push targeted messages across selected displays, instantaneously, simultaneously and from one central location. 

Tailored digital signage can also reduce information overload by providing customers with the correct and relevant information needed to make better decisions at the point of purchase. Digital signage can also reduce perceived wait times at the point of purchase by distracting consumers with personalised interactive displays. 

With the endless possibilities offered by digital signage, it is important to choose the correct digital signage system and content management software. If you are looking for a more interactive, modern, and immersive experience for your customers and believe there are more opportunities to capture the attention of customers, then contact one of Programmed’s experienced digital signage experts.

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