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Korinda Riddington is Planting A Career Seed

Sep 6, 2017

Five out of six CEO’s are men and just 37% of management roles are held by women (see Australia’s latest gender equality scorecard). While it’s important to provide a channel for young women to enter a trade career, it’s equally vital to support female progression to leadership and senior positions.

In the trade industry where women are even more under represented, Programmed places emphasis on ensuring both men and women are presented with equal opportunities. To achieve gender balance, we need female representation to increase across all levels of our business.

Gardener Korinda Riddington is experiencing career growth and fulfilment with Programmed. “I did work in an office for four years, but I have to say, this is far more satisfying,” she says. Starting off with an apprenticeship, Korinda has now moved up to be a team leader, and is making history with each step of her developing career.

“At Sacred Heart College in Western Australia, I was the first female in the history of the school to work in grounds. I found it really rewarding. I can look back and say I made a difference at that school.”

Speaking about our advocacy for gender balance, Programmed Property Services WA General Manager, Dean Archbold, says, “We strive to offer a supportive workplace that looks to foster an individual’s highest potential. We have many success stories like Korinda’s, where key members of the team have progressed through the organisation.”

Recognising the strength that diversity brings to a team, in this video, Korinda talks about how women “see things in a different way sometimes”. This, she says can really complement the guys when doing a job; proof that when diversity is encouraged, work completed is to a higher standard.

Perhaps you too could explore a new career? Why not try a trade with a promising career pathway? Apply to be the next Programmed apprentice here.

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