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Great work, great people: Steve Daley

Jul 15, 2020
Steve Daley has worked for Programmed for 26 years. His current position is Foreperson for Painting in Western Australia.

Steve’s strong start

Steve was born with a brush in his hand. Apart from a brief two-year navy stint in New Zealand, Steve has been painting since he was 15.

His career began by sub-contracting his skills to companies before starting work at Programmed – just 26 years ago.

Perks of a painter

As a painter, there are those jobs that you remember for years to come.

For Steve, it’s the huge re-paint of the Altair Waterfront 17-storey apartment in Perth.

With the clean, white complex facing the beautiful Langley Park and Swan River, Steve and his team had the best view in town.

Though, a second favourite, he admits, would have to be painting at the Royal Australian Airforce Base Pearce in Bullsbrook, north of Perth.

The perks of being a painter: front row seats to watching pilots train in their sleek aircrafts!

Career of a lifetime

To Steve, that’s the beauty of the job. You get to try your hand at a huge variety of tasks, in different locations – everything gets a go!

It’s one of those special “jobs [where you’re] constantly moving around, meeting customers – never being static in one place…as a painter you always have secure work”, Steve says.

And there’s always time to relax after a hard-day’s work.

When Steve puts down his brush at the end of the day, he’s off enjoying getting involved with the church community, having a good chuckle with his family and soaking up the beautiful Western Australian sun on bike rides or while playing a spot of golf.

Without the united efforts of team-members like Steve across Australia and New Zealand, Programmed wouldn’t be able to provide property services and assistance to over 10,000 customers a day.

Thank you Steve, for your hard work and dedication over the last 26 years, Programmed’s continued success is a credit to you – and your team’s – unwavering commitment to safety, customer service and excellent service delivery.

We can’t wait to see what other memorable projects you have up your sleeve for the future!

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