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Integrate Specialist Protective Coatings to Achieve Immaculate Presentation

Sep 16, 2016

To give your facility the best possible presentation, as well as keep graffitists at bay, begin at the surface. The correct application of high performance industrial protective coating systems, combined with planned preventative maintenance will help you to continuously maintain your property and assets’ pristine appearance.

Painting Presetation
The right people, skills and tools = great presentation and a high quality finish.

Businesses looking to repaint their buildings and include specialist protective coating to enhance the lifespan of these painted surfaces should ensure the company implementing the work have the right people, expertise and tools.

When speaking to potential providers, ensure their specialist advice is able to provide you solutions for long term durability as well as aesthetic appeal. Look for a process that involves close consultation so you are sure they understand and address your needs and objectives, as well as expertise and ability to detail maintenance plans so you best safeguard your building and protect these assets as best as possible. This means due consideration to your geographical location (such as coastal or harsh weather regions), industry sector or any other necessary environmental factors.

Protective coatings deliver a wide range of colour choices with the ability to match substrate requirements for various surfaces through suitable materials and expertise. The result of a clean and professional appearance is easily maintained with protective coatings, extending the life expectancy of your building and reducing cost of future repairs.

The most preferred solution able to work in your favour would be a customised planned or preventative maintenance programme in line with your repaint that incorporates protective coatings so you are able to maximise the return on investment on each dollar spent on the repaint.

A vital part of the maintenance painting programme is consistent careful examination of all assets over the course of the programme and identifying if the work carried out sufficiently maintains the high standards of presentation. Particularly if your arrangement with your provider has been in place for some time, you should be able to have the flexibility to revise the scope of work, and scale it to meet any new assets or changing needs so that you can effectively maintain uniformed levels of presentation across your site.

Look for services such as ability for out-of-hours work or within shutdown periods and school term breaks; safe work at heights including elevated platforms and abseiling for less disruption to day-to-day duties so your business can continue to run smoothly throughout the whole process.

Whether you have one or a number of locations across the country, the ability to use one company to complete the project will give you confidence in consistency and quality. Ask also about project management services able to free you from having to manage these yourself, and ensure they have the ability to scale resources, particularly if you need to complete the project within a tight time frame.

Finally, a good painting solution should permit you to flexibly schedule payments, with the overall cost of the work spread over the term of maintenance. This may even mean that whilst the largest amount of work is completed in the early stages, you are able to defray the cost through an even spread of payments across future years, thus saving you having to pay of large sums up front. As this indirectly means your service provider will only recoup full costs subsequently, you’ll be assured of continuous service delivery levels, as it will be in their interest to always ensure a quality outcome.

Protective coatings go a long way in defending your building against harsh elements and preserving your built infrastructure. With an experienced team of maintenance painting specialists on your side, you’ll have the expertise to tackle the trickiest challenges. Do more than just paint your building, protect it with specialist protective coatings and a long term painting maintenance programme.

Speak to us about protecting your assets today. Or visit our website to request an obligation-free quote.

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