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In the world post-pandemic, measuring air-quality in our enclosed spaces has become paramount for us all to ensure we are offering healthy work environments.

Programmed has been instrumental in offering this solution to our relevant customers, while partnering with sensor technology experts to help shape the way forward in this pioneering sector.

The benefits of sensors in your enclosed spaces include:

  • Identifying the flow of air within a work environment
  • Providing clear data-driven evidence on future requirements for scaling up the usage of an environment
  • Clarifying where air leakage is occurring, and how high-usage periods are impacting the surrounding assets.

Recent projects

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Partnering for success
Western Australia
Partnering for success
Assisting Victorian Schools after 2020 Bushfire
Gippsland, Victoria
Assisting Victorian Schools after 2020 Bushfire
Programmed provided urgent support for public schools damaged by the bushfires that raged through east Gippsland in 2020 More
Hopkins Correctional Centre
Ararat, Victoria
Hopkins Correctional Centre
Programmed provides maintenance and soft services across the Hopkins Correctional Centre.   More

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