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Wattyl is a venerated 100 year old paint company providing innovative paints, supplies and coating solutions across residential, commercial and industrial markets.

Project Description

Over the years, Wattyl had acquired a broad portfolio of numerous brands and decided to unify them under the one Wattyl brand. Of the 73 stores Wattyl owned across the country, 58 of them still bore their previous company branding.

The project to rebrand these would be a significant undertaking, involving removing and repainting all store facades, and replacing all types of old signage, lettering, faded digital prints and sign boards to reflect a unified Wattyl brand.

Wattyl found Programmed to be a suitable partner for this project because of our impressive safety record and ability to provide a single point of contact for all their painting and signage requirements.

Project Solution

There were many challenges encountered during the project, including the discovery of asbestos, wild cyclones in north Queensland, and workmanship on existing substrates by previous contractors needing extensive rework and rectification.

To properly streamline and integrate the works needed to overcome these issues affecting multiple sites, the project was closely supervised and managed by Programmed. Communication with Wattyl was critical in being able to quickly resolve problems and minimise delays.

Teams were tailored to suit the individual requirements of each site and specialist contractors were brought in to complete the work in a timely manner, ensuring any defects were quickly and professionally rectified.

For the rebrand, two types of whites and an elegant custom-made Solagard low sheen Wattyl blue were used.

Project Outcome

As a paint company with intimate knowledge of the products, Wattyl had high expectations – and Programmed did not disappoint.

Six pilot stores were swiftly completed and learnings from these used to informed the eventual implementation across other sites, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective outcome. Despite the challenges encountered during the course of the project, Programmed successfully completed the massive rebrand, meeting the outlined schedule for delivery with all remaining 52 sites completed in just over ten weeks.

Services we delivered
  • Signage & Branding

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