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5 Ways Store Maintenance Is Just Like Gardening

Nov 19, 2018

The grass is greener not on the other side, but where you tend to it. Imagine your store as a garden. Here are 5 tips on how to be a master gardener and make your store pop!

Store Maintenance

In this analogy, your store’s built environment including the storefront, fit out, lighting, signage and layout are the seeds you’ve planted.

While some of these seeds have blossomed into flowers, others have been squeezed out by weeds. And like any garden, these weeds detract from the overall beauty of your store. They divert customer attention, dilute your brand image and render all the hard work you’ve put into cultivating your garden futile.

It’s time for a little springtime maintenance. So identify those weeds, pull them out and make room in your garden for new ‘flowers’ to grow.


1. Removing the ‘weeds’ inhibiting store success

Weeds are one of the biggest impediments to growth in a garden. Often they have taken root discreetly some time ago. Examples of these include a store layout that hinders the customer experience or outdated signage that doesn’t fit with your brand or values anymore.

Like consumers, brands are constantly evolving. Your store needs to reflect this. Is your signage and store fit out up to date current in terms of branding? Does it reflect your sales positioning? Can it subliminally communicate that your product or service is best in class? If not, you may be losing customers merely because of a less favourable impression or customer experience.

Customers are getting smarter by the day and if you don’t deliver an engaging experience, chances are, the consumer will simply shop online or go elsewhere. Competition and a slow economy makes customers expect more from their experiences. Style, look and feel that appeal to the senses is critical, and the incorporation of technology is fast becoming a necessity.


2. Planning the best layout for growth

A poor store layout is like having too many or too little plants in a garden, resulting in low harvests and a weak customer experience. The strategic layout and design of your store are fundamental to improving customer engagement.

The first impression conveyed by or formed at your store entrance alone can already determine whether a customer is likely to follow through with a purchase or not. Read more about the effects a store layout has on the customer journey.


3. Creating a positive experience through the environment

Similar to a garden, your external and internal store environment if well-designed, can create a welcoming and engaging experience that complements your brand and products.

Coles Express utilise the entire store environment to appeal to customers through a reinvigorated customer experience.

Leveraging Programmed’s national reach and broad range of maintenance expertise, they are currently undertaking an external and internal upgrade to re-shape the look and feel of all their stores.

Each store’s exterior store is receiving a refresh and new signage fittings, for a whole new inviting and welcoming appearance.

As customers enter, they are greeted with new bulkheads and signage highlighting products they can purchase. Other internal refurbishment works include the efficient utilisation of space and a new store layout for a smoother flow. Through an upgrade that includes cleaning and painting, new electrical and plumbing works and the removal of old, unsightly units, the Coles Express stores are now providing more interesting and enjoyable experiences to people as they refuel their cars, and ultimately helping to generate more revenue.


4. Nurture store elements that attract your customers

Some seeds may have bloomed into flowers that attract customers like bees to honey.

However, as flowers fade so too can your once vibrant walls and impressive storefronts. Before the passage of time ages your assets, care for your walls and signage with routine maintenance and upkeep. Prevent these ‘flowers’ from wilting before their time.

A simple wash and clean of your windows or walls can bring back the sparkle in your store’s physical appearance. Or inject new life into dull or faded paintwork caused by age, wear and tear or weather damage, with fresh coats of paint. Read more about other painting services that can increase the longevity of your store and assets.


5. Tend to your store regularly

As the physical appearance of your store, such as the condition of walls, flooring, fit out and any landscaped areas can impact brand perception, maintaining a clean, attractive image is a great, easy way to entice customers, influence shopping decisions and improve business outcomes.

Furthermore, the satisfaction of a well-maintained store will last for seasons to come. Yet, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily running of your store and a constant preoccupation with the bottomline.

Let us free you to focus on sales and revenue. Contact Programmed for a helping hand. As maintenance experts, we’ll give you a well presented store all year round so you can concentrate on other things important to your business.

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