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Resthaven Craigmore

Craigmore, SA

Our Customer

Resthaven Craigmore, located in South Australia, offers residential aged care, retirement living, respite, therapy, in-home care, and health and wellness services.

Project Description

Able to accommodate 89 aged care places, Resthaven Craigmore firmly established itself as an industry leader when it implemented a cutting-edge Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) system.

IPTV technology can potentially change the way Aged Care facilities provide for their residents. However, when Programmed Electrical Technologies were engaged to implement an IPTV system for Resthaven, our research found that modifying ready-to-market systems to fit the requirements of aged care providers would result in high service and maintenance costs over the long term.

So, we custom designed an IPTV solution from the ground up to specifically meet Resthaven – and the aged care industry’s – unique requirements.

Project Solution

To build the solution and ensure a fit-for-purpose system, Programmed workshopped with Resthaven staff and management to maximise its functionality. This ensured the system that was eventually implemented had applications and usability features that were in direct response to Resthaven’s articulated requirements.

Unlike regular large telecommunication solutions, Resthaven’s IPTV system was designed specifically to integrate entertainment and communication with the delivery of health and aged care services. In addition, the system aids staff in efficient work, thus enhancing convenience and productivity.

A dedicated Project Manager and Project Engineer worked closely with Resthaven’s Site Manager and ICT professionals to implement the system on-site, all the while making sure to minimise any disruption to day to day operations. Regular catch ups between Resthaven and Programmed kept everyone involved and engaged from start to finish.

Project Outcome

Leveraging the latest broadband technology, the system enables Resthaven to enhance residents’ interactivity and connectivity. Currently they enjoy free-to-air TV, movie channels and streaming videos on demand. They can also web-surf and listen to local or internet radio.

A key benefit of the system created for Resthaven is their ability to extend beyond just basic television functions. As the facility grows, Resthaven’s IPTV infrastructure provides them the agility to upscale system capabilities to meet any increased demand or evolving requirements with ease. Such future-proofing will help Resthaven save significant implementation costs while ensuring it continues to cater to the needs of residents without any dip in the level of service, care or efficiency.

Meanwhile, the novel IPTV solution vastly improves the level of care and staff efficiency. Staff can easily configure content and messages so that menus and announcements can be fed directly to each resident’s room. Even common area digital signage messages are easily updated and broadcast.

Included in the solution is continued servicing assuring Resthaven of phone and onsite support, staff training and fault rectification. The system uses commercial grade hardware and an open source software which is completely customisable, with the potential to accommodate new or changing requirements.

All hardware elements of the system are hot swappable and spare system elements are easily accessible. Other support includes online real-time configuration, software updates and system maintenance.

With the successful installation completed, commissioned and commenced, Resthaven management and staff sum up the system’s solution, functionality, improved site efficiency, and their experience with Programmed, in just two words: “Very impressive.”

Services we delivered
  • AV, Data Comms & Electrical
  • Data & Communications

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